Saturday, August 21, 2010

Welcome to my Africa Oye blog

On this Saturday August 21, 2010, I decided to make the jump and start a blog where I can post my ideas and ideas from others that I find interesting with the simple purpose of sharing it with whomever is interested.
My mother language is French, so I hope you'll be kind about my English and possible spelling errors that may have escaped the spell check.
This blog is dedicated to Africa where I lived 11 years and where my heart still belongs.
My career has been and still is in Information Technology (IT). Many times I thought that if I wanted to make a difference in Africa, I needed to be a doctor, or a veterinarian, or an agriculture engineer. But in the last year, some major changes happened in Africa that give me hope that my IT skills can now be valuable in that continent. Later I may share with you a paper I just finished on that subject.
Some people speak about Information and Communication technology (ICT) for development, sometimes abbreviated as ICT4D.
While that will be a main topic for my blog, I want to extend it to the cultural, social, economical and political dimensions of Africa as they are all very interlinked and must be taken into account (I think) for ICT4D to succeed.
A lot of my ideas have been inspired by my late father who was a Professor in Economy of developing countries, specialized in Africa. I will also share here some of his publications and his innovative approach to the understanding of the African economy and even the global economy in general.
I hope to find friends who can help me create a web site to publish his work and make it easily accessible to anyone as he wanted and shared this wish with me. Most of it is in French but I have already translated some in English and maybe some of you want to contribute.
So as you can see, lots of ideas and things I need to do...I will now push the PUBLISH button for my first post!! How exciting!!!

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